Designer Clothes – Chanel 2011 Resort Collection

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Designer Clothes – It was like something out of a quintessential Riviera movie. With the sun setting over the sea, hundreds of Chanel’s invited guests sitting in the red wooden chairs of Saint-Tropez’s famous Sénéquier, and many more onlookers piling onto balconies and pressing against barricades, Natasha Poly, Anja Rubik, and the rest of Karl Lagerfeld’s cast arrived at Quai Jean Jaurès via speedboat. And like the carefree starlets and jet-setters they were channeling, the models traipsed down the street-cum-runway often barefoot, wearing seventies-ish diaphanous caftans, long crocheted dresses, ruffle-lapelled silk jersey trouser suits, and patchwork denim skirts. Tanned and toned midriffs peeked out beneath a cropped sweater here or a button-down there, its hems tied in a saucy bow.


Some of the pieces, like Freja Beha Erichsen’s white silk Mick Jagger tuxedo, were making repeat performances, having appeared in Remember Now, the Lagerfeld-directed short film that screened at the Cinéma de la Renaissance the night before. The Stones front man, of course, married Bianca in just such an outfit in Saint-Tropez’s town hall back in 1971. Magdalena Frackowiak, doing a spot-on Brigitte Bardot shimmy, danced her way toward the photo pit in a black and white checked maillot. And for the finale, there was Georgia May Jagger, with her dad’s tune “Let’s Spend the Night Together” for an accompaniment. A dead ringer for Bardot circa And God Created Woman if there ever was one, the pouty-lipped model got to take a spin in a beaded minidress and thigh-high boots on the back of a tricked-out Harley.


The trio of cropped bouclé tweed jackets, bikini tops, and belted high-waisted brown denim flares could’ve gone straight from the catwalk to the after-party (at least, if there’d been less chill in the air). Post-show at the VIP Room dinner, Lagerfeld was flanked by Vanessa Paradis, Diane Kruger, Anna Mouglalis, and Elisa Sednaoui, each one more gorgeous and glamorous than the next. Who says things were better back when? Tonight’s scene was enough to make Roger Vadim and Mick Jagger both very jealous indeed


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Gwen Stefani’s LAMB 2010 Spring Collection

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designer clothes, gwen stefani designer clothes, LAMBdesigner clothes, LAMB

Designer Clothes – Don’t give Gwen Stefani any guff about the validity of celebrity clothing lines: Not only has she been successfully plying her trade for seven years now, but she pointedly didn’t name the label after herself, because she wanted people to buy the clothes for their own merits and not “because of me.” (But, really, who wouldn’t want to look as good as Gwen does in clothes?)

designer clothes, LAMBdesigner clothes, LAMB

Spring found Stefani mixing African and eighties-pop references (think Bow Wow Wow and Bananarama) with some rock-chick edge, natch. Besides the requisite biker jacket (in white leather), there were lots of zippers and tarty (in a good way) off-the-shoulder dresses and tunics, and one very mini pleated kilt (can you say Harajuku girl?). Harem pants, washed-silk cargo pants, and diaper dresses added a softness and ease to the line and demonstrated that it does indeed have relevance beyond smoky, poorly lit music venues that smell of stale beer—and can stand on its own outside in the bright, daylight world.

designer clothes, LAMBdesigner clothes, LAMB


Gwen Stefani’s LAMB 2010 Spring Collection

John Galliano 2010 Spring Collection

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john galliano

Designer Clothes,john gallianoDesigner Clothes,john galliano

Designer Clothes – This season, there’s been obsessive talk about the possibilities of making fashion events public via revolutionary digital technologies, so it takes an extra-special mustering of talent to remind everyone how unique an experience a great show can be in real time, witnessed on the spot. For Spring, John Galliano did just that, conjuring up a magical scenario on a laser-lit runway, upon which floating bubbles descended and then—poof!—evaporated into vapor. It created a dreamy parallel world for one of his best collections in a long time: a show poignantly evoking the era when the heroines of silent movies were facing their career demise.

john gallianoDesigner Clothes,john gallianoDesigner Clothes,john galliano

“It came from a research trip to L.A.,” Galliano said. “I went around the old houses of Hollywood and imagined how stars like Tallulah Bankhead, Lillian Gish, and Mary Pickford lived.” It gave him an ideal justification for playing to his strengths in poetically glamorous chiffon; bias-cut little nothings; fragile, delightful plissé puff-shouldered blouses and bed jackets; and coats symbolically decorated with clusters of flowers made out of film gel. Galliano’s color sense—the ice blues, silver lamés, powder pinks, and lemons—was exquisite; it was his fashion version of Sunset Boulevard.

Designer Clothes,john gallianoDesigner Clothes,john gallianoDesigner Clothes,john galliano

This, of course, is the romantic territory Galliano has owned for years, but somehow, seen in this laser-created futuristic light, its imagery jumped to a new relevance. Triumphantly desirable as the clothes were, their meaning seemed doubly poignant—mirroring a moment when a new technology was putting an old world out of business.


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Designer Clothes – Louis Vuitton 2010 Resort Collection

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designer clothes,louis vuitton

Designer Clothes,louis vuittonDesigner Clothes,Louis Vuitton

Designer Clothes – The French coquettes on Louis Vuitton‘s Fall runway have set off for the beach. They’ve traded in their kinky above-the-knee lace-up boots for swashbuckling gold sequined open-toe numbers and replaced their satin and lace with nautical-stripe bustier dresses and bikinis or crisp khaki safari jackets and wide-leg, deep-cuff trousers.

Designer Clothes,louis vuittonlouis vuitton,Designer ClothesDesigner Clothes,Louis Vuitton

Bags, belts, bracelets, and shoes are trimmed with rope details, but that’s about as overt as the Riviera referencing gets in this enjoyably saucy collection. A black silk plissé cocktail dress with a plunging neckline edged in gold embroidery and a tuxedo jacket that turns to reveal a sexy cutout back look just as likely to turn up at louche Paris hot spot Le Baron as they are on the boardwalk in Saint-Tropez.


Louis Vuitton 2010 Resort Collection

Designer Clothes – Prada 2010 Resort Collection

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prada,Designer Clothesprada,Designer Clothes

Designer Clothes – If the economy is getting to Miuccia Prada, her Resort collection didn’t show it. In sharp contrast to the austerity of her Fall show, this one had pretty draped-back dresses in camel color-blocked with pastels; cheeky scarf-print bikini briefs with ties at the hips, worn with neon-bright button-downs; and eye candy in the form of little duffel bags in colorful florals that matched the models’ ankle-tie sandals.

pra,Designer Clothes,pradaDesigner Clothes,prada

The bow was a recurring motif, appearing at the neckline and elbows of an asymmetrically draped black top, at the hem of narrow underskirts, and at the back of float-y, vaguely 1920’s-ish wallpaper-print dresses. The cumulative effect was appealingly unstudied. Call it Prada‘s antidote for trying fashion times.

Designer Clothes,pradaDesigner Clothes,prada

Prada 2010 Resort Collection


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Designer Clothes – Chloe 2010 Resort Collection

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Designer Clothes,chloe

Designer Clothes,chloeDesigner Clothes,chloe

Designer Clothes – From the “Love to Love You Baby” soundtrack at Zac Posen to the slinky, obi-tied jerseys at Michael Kors, there has been a discernible disco vibe to Resort 2010. Hannah MacGibbon played the flip side of the seventies at Chloé—think Annie Hall meets Laura Ashley.

designer clothes,chloeDesigner Clothes,chloe

There were two basic looks: high-waisted pants, blouse, and jacket, or silken dresses with either puffed shoulders or pleats. If the cross-back overalls looked jejune, the lined waterproof capes, carried over from Fall, weathered the transition nicely.

Designer Clothes,chloeDesigner Clothes,chanel,chloe


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Designer Clothes – DKNY 2010 Spring Collection

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designer clothes,DKNY

Designer Clothesdesigner clothes,DKNY

Designer Clothes – When Donna Karan launched DKNY in 1989, its streetwise, fast-fashion ideas were a welcome innovation. Now, going on the ripe old age of 21, it’s the grand ma’am of a slew of secondary and contemporary collections. Yet DKNY’s raison d’être remains a youthful New York state of mind. There’s evidence of that in the way the collection has been shown in the past: in breezy presentation format, cleverly bopping around the city from Pastis to Lever House to the Karan-owned Stephan Weiss Studio.

designer clothes,DKNYdesigner clothes,DKNY

Today we were back at the latter, but this time the designer had opted for a proper seated runway show, and that inevitably raised the question of whether the pomp befits these clothes. Named City in Bloom, Karan’s collection played neutrals off a host of florals, including charming little peonies and splashy floral-camo and -graffiti prints that were decidedly less so. There were endless propositions of the suit: boyfriend jackets paired with little cuffed shorts or slouchy pegged pants—even a silk bomber with matching sweatpants. Biker shorts, strangely named Smoothies, were worn under every dress and short.

DKNY,designer clothesDKNY,designer clothes

Runway worthy? Perhaps not, but it was certainly filled with items that might make great additions to any girl’s rotation. You could easily envision a model nicking a fab little sage silk romper to hit her go-sees. Here’s one idea: Why not ask those model fans to style their own outfits? It’s an approach that would be more in line with the DKNY spirit.

Designer Clothes,DKNYdesigner clothes,DKNY

DKNY 2010 Spring Collection


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