Beckham, Mayer, DiCaprio celebrate Giorgio Armani



NEW YORK – the new Giorgio Armani store on 5th Avenue, where Armani held an oh-so-exclusive party to celebrate the opening of his latest piece of Manhattan real estate.

Some of the big stars  in Hollywood like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, Mira Sorvino, Liam Neeson was there. In the music industry there’s John Mayer,  Alicia Keys,  Ricky Martin,  and singer Solange Knowles were among the partygoers. Also on the Fashion industry there’s Josh Hartnett, Bar Refaeli, Victoria Beckham and also some in politics like Caroline Kennedy,  and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Braving thirty-something-degree weather, Beckham stopped to talk to the media, showing some skin — and lots of leg — in a silvery sequined one-strap dress and heels. She presented new designs from her fashion collection at New York Fashion Week and said she’d love to reach Armani-level success.


Leonardo DiCaprio and John Mayer, looking sharp in dark suits, made late entrances at Tuesday’s event. No sign of their respective flames,

Bar Refaeli and Jennifer Aniston.


Beckham, fashionista and wife of David Beckham, sacrificed warmth for glamour

while posing on the outdoor red carpet that led to her glitzy destination.


~ by cardiganally on February 18, 2009.

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