Designer Clothes – Lacoste 2009 Resort Collection

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Designer Clothes,lacosteDesigner Clothes,lac,lacoste

Designer Clothes – Yes, that was a soundtrack of crickets chirping to accompany your entry into the Lacoste show—it was meant to evoke creative director Christophe Lemaire’s idyllic Provençal childhood summers (who knew Arles has something in common with Akron?). And that’s where Lemaire began—in Arles, not Akron, that is, via breezy by-the-pool shirtdresses over crocheted bikinis and all manner of crisp, pale cottons worn with leather sandals, rope belts, and straw bags spilling over with wildflowers.

Designer Clothes,lacosteDesigner Clothes,lacoste

The designer then amped up the sport factor and color quotient in a sherbet-hued group of striped polo dresses and a slew of one-piecers—jumpsuits, rompers, and even a set of hooded terrycloth bodysuits. But the news here was the debut of the label’s younger and, accordingly, less expensive line, unofficially named Red!. As he does with most of his runway oeuvre, Lemaire made a clear and bold visual statement, splicing his mod inspiration with golf gear in a punchy palette of black, white, and green.

Designer Clothes,lacostedesigner clothes,lacoste

designer clothes,lacostedesigner clothes,lacoste

Mondrian-esque shifts with golf shoes made the point, but most girls (who aren’t Annika Sorenstam) will probably flock to the less thematic merch, like the checkered windbreakers, cropped pants, and newly tightened and brightened polos with a maximized crocodile—going back to the heart of what brings us here in the first place.

designer clothes,lacostelacoste,designer clothesdesigner clothes,lacoste

Lacoste 2010 Resort Collection


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Designer Clothes – Burberry Prorsum 2010 Spring Collection

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Burberryburberry,Designer ClothesDesigner Clothes,burberry

A shining, silver paillette-encrusted trenchcoat sparkling on the runway as metallic confetti rained down: This is the memory London fashion week will have of its 25th anniversary—and the Burberry show that ended it. There was more young glamour per foot here than the city’s ever witnessed in a front row. Emma Watson was present, and so were Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary-Kate Olsen, Victoria Beckham, and Daisy Lowe; Freida Pinto and Dev Patel were holding hands. And every piece Christopher Bailey showed could have been worn by any one of them: The message was Burberry gone short, draped, deluxe, and glamorous, and aimed at the very young.

Designer Clothes,burberryDesigner Clothes,burberry

Returning from Milan to London could have meant a wallow in heritage nostalgia. Not a bit of it. Instead, Bailey brought all the high-gloss international production values he knows back to his home city, and made sure the label’s history—namely, the iconic trench—looked alive and relevant to the 18- to 25-year-olds in the audience. From the fashion point of view, the reinvention of the beige, military-inflected coat is perfectly timed. Not only are tones in the range of camel and nude spot-on for the season, but military references are cropping up in many places as well.

des,Designer Clothes,burberryDesigner Clothes,burberry

Bailey’s way of developing it had nothing to do with anything as dull as the English weather. All the emphasis was on building up a glamour shoulder, with a tied reefer’s knot on the upper outside edge of each arm. All kinds of sexy tulle draping, meanwhile, were worked into what went on below. Having neatly scooped up those trends (along with a passing pastel moment), Bailey took pleasure in teasing out yet more possibilities. He showed some of the incredible techniques and fabrics Burberry has access to, like silvered gabardine and sliced suede made into hot leggings. In the end, though, this show may be most significant for the way in which it closed the gap between a public and private fashion event. In the front row, Paltrow, Pinto, and Patel were wearing pieces from the outfits that were walking the runway. And at Burberry’s flagship in the center of London, the show was being Livestreamed to the public.

Designer Clothes,BurberryDesigner Clothes,BurberryDesigner Clothes,Burberry

Burberry Prosum 2010 Spring Collection


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Vivienne Westwood Red Label 2010 Spring Collection

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vivienne westwood, designer clothesvivienne westwood, designer clothesvivienne westwood, designer clothes

Designer Clothes – Given Dame Westwood’s memorably unmediated declaration that she had nothing to do with her Red collection, she has been remarkably well-served by whoever is responsible. They’ve managed to commercialize her Queen Mother-on-crack aesthetic so that it plays to a whole new audience of pop-ettes, a posse of whom were parked in the front row, alongside hoary old fans like Boy George. The pop-ettes cheered lustily every time Pixie Geldof, one of their own, passed by on the catwalk, trying her hardest to cop some bad-girl attitude.

vivienne westwood, designer clothesvivienne westwood, designer clothes

Once, that would have been entirely in keeping with the clothes, but it’s funny how Viv’s fashion radicalism has devolved into the kind of decorous dresses that would be suitable for a garden party at the local vicarage: tulip-printed (paired with a white cardigan); draped and polka-dotted with a portrait neckline. Even her exaggerated forties-styled tailoring, for all its asymmetrical touches, now looks more and more conservative (though a brocade jacket and swagged lilac skirt on Coco Rocha proved that Westwood’s va-va-voom factor remains undiminished). For Spring, Red occasionally mixed up the classicism with argyle-patterned short shorts, or diaper shorts, or a pair of drop-crotch linen pants cut on the bias. But what ultimately lingered were the high-waisted gray trousers worn with a lilac blouse, a distinctly ladylike counterpoint to the save-the-rain-forest message the dame printed on her invitation.

vivienne westwood, designer clothesvivienne westwood, designer clothes

Vivienne Westwood Red Label 2010 Spring Collection


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“I wanted to see shoulders, waists, and legs this season,” – Rebecca Taylor 2010 Spring Collection

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rebecca taylor, designer clothes

Designer Clothes,Rebecca TaylorRebecca Taylor,Designer Clothes

Designer Clothes – Leopard prints and pretty florals are virtually guaranteed at Rebecca Taylor, but for Spring her flair for the sweetly feminine was tempered by stronger silhouettes. It was one of her freshest collections to date.

Designer Clothes,Rebecca TaylorDesigner Clothes,Rebecca Taylor

Gone were Taylor’s once-staple floaty peasant dresses. In their place: polka-dot high-waist denim shorts, metallic trousers with elastic cuffs, and quilted boyfriend jackets in bright tulip prints. And while there were still plenty of ruffles to keep fans happy, they were best in small doses. (A dramatic organza dress worn by Kinée Diouf, by contrast, appeared ready for liftoff.) All told, it was an engaging effort that will be well received by city girls who prefer to walk on the sunny side of the street.

Rebecca Taylor,Designer ClothesRebecca Taylor,Designer Clothes

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Rebecca Taylor 2010 Spring Collection

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Designer Clothes – Versace 2010 Resort Collection

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designer clothes,ver,versacedesigner clothes,versace

Designer Clothes – There might be turmoil in the Versace boardroom, but it wasn’t present in the house’s straightforward, if bite-sized, Resort collection. There were two stories here: prints and embellishments.

designer clothes,versacedesigner clothes,versace

Classic tailleurs, offered in solids and color-blocked combinations, were given some oomph with the application of shimmery faceted gemstones, oversize buttons, or the more humble silvery snap—used decoratively rather than functionally. Additionally, an archival jewel-pattern print from Gianni Versace’s day was cut into cheerful summer-bright separates and a swingy little dress. Whatever the back story behind this return-to-basics collection, it was a welcome palate cleanser.

versace,designer clothesdesigner clothes,versace

2010 Versace Resort Collection


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Designer Clothes – Donna Karan 2010 Resort Collection

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Photobucketdesigner clothes,donna karandesigner clothes,donna karan

Wall Street might be dancing on the rim of a volcano, but Donna Karan is swinging in the streets: Her brightly hued “Manhattan Tango” Resort was a celebration of confidence and femininity, not to mention wearability. “We’re aiming for complete flexibility,” Karan said.

designer clothes,donna karandonna karan,designer clothes

No stretch of the imagination is necessary to picture how these looks—a rounded-shoulder, bow-tied, paper-thin leather jacket; a peplumed tux; a sensually draped dress with lingerie detailing; a white twist-tie blouse and full print skirt—would fit into an ideal summer wardrobe. And Karan’s nautical striped espadrilles should put a spring in anyone’s step.

designer clothes,donna karandonna karan,designer clothes


Donna Karan 2010 Resort Collection

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Designer Clothes – Burberry Prorsum 2010 Resort Collection

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designer clothes,burberrydesigner clothes,Burberrydesigner clothes,Burberry

Designer Clothes – “I’ve been liking things where you can’t quite understand what you’re looking at,” said Christopher Bailey, searching for words to describe the blurry visual effect of a soft, puffy-edged, bark-textured trench over a short gauze draped dress. Elsewhere, what appeared at first glance to be a fluffy pale jacket of tufted tulle turned out to be made of leather, minutely shaved with razors to give an “eyelash”-fine 3-D texture. Bailey was describing these sleights of hand in the showroom of the vast new eight-story Burberry building—slap-bang next to MI5’s HQ—where 90 of the designer’s team work on teasing the nuances out of the global brand.

designer clothes,Burberrydesigner clothes,Burberry

The intense level of in-house research and fabric innovation is worn lightly, creating a raft of effects here that Bailey described with adjectives like “cloudy,” “seductive,” and “relaxed.” The result: a lightened-up, youthful lineup of pragmatic day-to-day separates—like puffy-shouldered knits with a knot in the sleeve and pleated pants with rolled cuffs—that pays attention to delivering specialness while deflating any sense of showy luxe. Bailey promises this direction and color palette will inform his September show in London, a gala affair the Brit says he’s already anticipating with a frisson of nerves: “I’ve been working for ten years, but it’s my first show here, ever. So it’s going to be really exciting.”

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Burberry Prosum 2010 Resort Collection

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